The project is set up so that installation of it or dependencies is not necessary.

Installing the dependencies will make handling all dependencies easier though.

(More complete instructions are in and files.)


Because the tlsfuzzer is developed in lock-step with tlslite-ng, only the newest releases of the latter are expected to work. That means either alpha or beta versions of tlslite-ng.

To install the latest version tested use pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Using source directly

If the dependencies of tlslite-ng are already installed, the only part of tlslite-ng necessary for tlsfuzzer to work, is the tlslite module. As such, it’s possible to just link the tlslite directory in a checkout of tlslite-ng project inside the checkout of tlsfuzzer.

If both tlsfuzzer and tlslite-ng have been cloned to the same directory, it’s enough to execute the following command inside the tlsfuzzer directory:

ln -s ../tlslite-ng/tlslite tlslite

Virtual environments

If you would like to install tlslite-ng or its dependencies, but not affect the general system, or even your personal python packages, it’s possible to use virtual environments.